Happy New Year! It is official.  We are almost half way through this 2018-2019 school year!  Ringing in the a new year also brings reflective thinking.

my goals list on napkinAs we think about our own personal New Year’s Resolutions, we should also assess how our homeschooling year is progressing.  Are we on track?  Are we behind?  Do we need to redo a few things?  Do we need to skip ahead and change course? Do we need to change curriculum?  Do we need to scale back on outside activities?  Are there heart issues we need to address?

The new year can be full of fresh starts and new ideas but for a homeschooling mom, it can also come with a little extra stress.  It is hard to get back into the swing of things after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  While we may finally see the light at the end of the homeschooling tunnel, we may also wonder how in the world we will get done everything that is still left to do!


homeschool fran purpleThis January, take a little time to reassess your homeschooling.  Take an honest look at your heart, your children’s attitudes, your homeschool and your family time.  However, don’t be so hard on yourself (or your kids) that you forget to laugh at the missteps, the mishaps and the mistakes that have happened along the way!  Sometimes we just need to laugh at the history project that turned into one big giant purple (and beautiful) mess!


Determine what is working, what needs to change, and what needs to be deleted.  Then put some much needed time aside for you to recharge and refresh.  Join us for our Weekend Event for Homeschooling Moms!   Put this event on your calendar NOW!  Make plans to attend with a few friends.  Let your husband (or mother-in-law) know now that they will be entertaining the kiddos the weekend of March 29th – 30th.    Set this much needed time aside for some encouragement, fellowship, and worship.  Trust me! Come March when we are tired and need a little extra boost to get us to the homeschool finish line, you will want this special time with fellow homeschooling moms.  Our prayer team has already been praying for you and for our weekend together.  Read below what we have planned for you this year.   Then register NOW to receive the Early Bird Special!

Building HEARTS & HOME (Schools) for Christ:  A Homeschooling Mom’s Weekend to Fortify, Edify and Refresh

cap and gownFRIDAY, MARCH 29TH:  6:30-9:30 PM  Homeschooling High School (Date Night:  Dads are invited!)

Husbands are welcome to attend our 1st session on Friday night!  It is always best to start homeschooling with the end in mind so this year, our first session will focus on the high school years.  Yes, homeschooling through high school is not only possible but is a gift and a blessing from God.  First, our host, Carrie De Francisco, will explain what is needed to meet CA graduation requirements and how to build a college worthy transcript if your student is college bound.  Then our panel of homeschool graduates will share their individual paths and how they each met these requirements.  Our panel of homeschool high school graduates will share their high school journey, what they did (traditional and non-traditional) to meet the CA requirements, what they are doing now in the workforce and/or on the college campuses, and how homeschooling through high school helped each of them achieve their goals.    Knowing that homeschoolers are accepted into major public and private universities and even Ivy League schools, this year we will spend less time on how to get into college and more on how to create a homeschool high school experience that meets the needs of each student and helps build his/her God-given strengths and talents.  We will end with a Q & A session.  Dads are welcome to attend and to ask tons of questions!    **Dads are FREE!**

SATURDAY, MARCH 30TH:  8:30 AM- 4:00 PM Worship, Speakers, and Fellowship (Mom’s ONLY)

Wrecking ball1st SESSION:  Demolishing Walls and Obstacles (Book of Joshua Study)

“By faith, the walls of Jericho fell” (Hebrews 11:30).  For many of us, homeschooling seems like a crazy idea, an impossible task,  and an impossible wall to scale.  For some of us,  homeschooling may feel like we are marching in circles day after day not really understanding God’s plans and methods.  Carrie De Francisco will teach the story of Jericho from the Book of Joshua, and how we can apply the principles of Joshua 5-6 to our ministry of motherhood and our calling to homeschool.  On this journey to the “promised land,” we will encounter many Jerichos.  We will face insurmountable walls.  Sometimes, God will give us “strange” commands to follow and will require us to quietly obey while waiting for our next set of “marching orders.”  We are building the next generation of Joshuas!  In order to build hearts and home(schools) for Christ, sometimes we need to totally demolish walls and strongholds before we can begin the rebuilding process.  In our first session, you will be encouraged to follow God’s commands and will be given modern-day tools to “bring those walls tumbling down.”

fun times scrabble2nd SESSION:  Parting the Red Sea (Gameology & Games Curriculum)

Our second session will be full of fun and games!  There comes a time in our homeschooling journey when we encounter that “Ah Ha!” moment.  It is in these moments it seems the “Red Sea” is parting and our youngster is confidently and willingly walking through an obstacle to victory (and with ease!)  These are the moments we long for, we pray for and we wish for. And yes, these moments can be achieved through games!  Games are not only a wonderful way to build family memories, but they also help struggling readers to spell better or budding writers to push past a writer’s block.  Games can awaken in a child’s heart and mind a curiosity in history, art, science and even math!  Carolyn and Martin Forte, founders of Excellence in Education PSP and Co-Creators of The Games Curriculum, will share how to use games to achieve these “Ah Ha!” moments on a weekly or even daily basis.  Carrie De Francisco will also share how to learn and reinforce math facts and skills by playing a few math games with a simple deck of cards or a few pair of dice.eie_logo   In our 2nd Session, we share how to put the FUN back into learning the FUNdamentals by using games to teach, review and reinforce skills in all academic areas.  Excellence in Education (EIE) will also have their Games Curriculum and many of the games we will play in this session on display and for sale.

alex mountain top3rd SESSION:  Miracles and Manna (One Mom / Daughter Journey & Testimony)    

In our third session, fellow homeschooling mom, Alexandra Strauss, will share her powerful story of how God has provided daily the manna needed for her and her daughter.  She will also share how God has used miracle after miracle to physically heal her beautiful daughter, Bella, and how these miracles have been used to bring glory to God.  Through Alexandra’s testimony, we will learn how to expect and to accept God’s daily provisions (His manna) and how to see and appreciate God’s big and small miracles in our lives.

lego heart pic4th SESSION: Character Over Curriculum (Building Hearts & Homes for Christ)  

“Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33).  The main reason many of us choose to homeschool is because we feel God is calling us to do so.    Building godly character is more important than finishing curriculum.  Creating traditions is more important than mastering timetables and choosing relationships over straight A’s is more important.  In our final session, Carrie De Francisco will share how to build godly character through any curriculum you are using (or if you are using no curriculum at all), how to create traditions that give children cherished memories and a place of belonging, and how to strengthen relationships through reading and meaningful discussions.  By focusing on first building God’s kingdom, your child’s academic and social needs will eventually fall into place.  Tons of “how – to’s” and tried and true ideas will be shared.  God does redeem the time, reward our efforts and turn our ashes into beauty when our homeschool focus is truly on building Character over finishing Curriculum. 

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION HAS BEGUN  for our next homeschooling mom event!  It will be Friday, March 29th & Saturday, March 30th at the beautiful Pasadena Courtyard Marriott in Monrovia, CA!  Click HERE to REGISTER.

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