st louis cathdrealOne of my first job interviews was located in the heart of New Orleans.  I have a horrible sense of direction, and I get turned around very easily.  Back then I didn’t have WAZE, googlemaps or cellphones, so I couldn’t ask Siri or call my dad if I got lost.

Before leaving for the interview, my dad told me to park somewhere on Canal Street, look up and locate the St. Louis Cathedral Steeple, and then just walk in that direction.  He told me, “You can’t get lost if you follow the cross.”

My dad’s directions are still my motto today.  I can’t get lost if I just follow the cross.

My husband was a camper growing up and my son is an Eagle Scout.  I have learned from them that one of the ways a camper and a scout are always prepared is by having their 10 Essentials with them at all times.

10 essentials image

  1. Map & compass
  2. Trail Food
  3. Extra Clothing
  4. Flashlight
  5. Pocketknife
  6. Sun Block
  7. First Aid Kit
  8. Matches or a fire starter
  9. Water
  10. Rain Gear


I’ve learned over these 20+ years of homeschooling that there are also 10 Essentials to successfully homeschooling.  They are not what you might think.  It isn’t a specific curriculum you have to use or a certain class you have to take.  It isn’t a specific schedule you have to follow or certain books you have read.  While all of these things might be helpful, they are not ESSENTIAL!  This ministry of motherhood and this calling to homeschool can be a very challenging journey, but if you include the 10 ESSENTIALS, you can change your journey into an adventure.

Number one on the list may seem obvious but it is the hardest one for homeschooling moms to do:  Seek first the Kingdom of God.  Keeping our eyes on Jesus is all that really matters.  God promises all these other things shall be added to us, but they will be added in God’s way and in God’s timing!

If you want to enjoy the journey and this adventure we call homeschooling, you must surrender to this fact:  All WILL be accomplished but in God’s way and in God’s timing. Trust me!  You will be miserable if you keep trying to do things your way.  After 20+ years of homeschooling, hindsight has shown me that God’s ways are always better (although sometimes times hard) and His timing was always worth it in end.

You really can’t get lost if you just follow the cross!  

To learn more about the 10 Essentials to Homeschooling, check out our 10 Part Podcast Series.  You can find us on buzzsprout, spotify, and itunes.


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