2 chronicales 20Let’s address the elephant in the room!  Everyone’s way of life has been abruptly turned upside down and our homeschooling “norm” has just turned, well,  unnormal!  Where we live, we have been asked to stay home as many establishments, places, and venues have been shut down.  Our homeschool classes and park days have been canceled.  While everything is going virtual,  our ability to interact and connect with others has drastically been reduced or completely eliminated.  For many of us, our main life-line to the outside world right now is through the internet.

Since we had to cancel our  Special Weekend for Homeschooling Moms, which was supposed to be this coming weekend, we thought it would be a great time to share online one of our sessions:  The 10 Essentials to Homeschooling!  You might be surprised at what the Ten Essentials are.

We cover the 1st Essential in our 1st podcast.  Coffee with Carrie is now LIVE!  Yep, the girl who hates attention but loves to talk about all things homeschooling, now has a podcast.  Brew a pot of coffee, relax, and join me for our first episode.

coffee carrie pod cast imageIf you are up to listening, you can access the podcast in a variety of ways.

PODCAST:  Buzzsprout and Spotify.  We should be on itunes and iheart radio soon.

WEBSITE:  Link is on the homepage

INSTAGRAM:  Link is in bio


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I know these times are troubling but I also know our God is in control! In these uncharted times, we can pray “I do not know what to do but I will keep my eyes on you [God}” 2 Chronicles 20:12 Our hope is always in Jesus!

Please know our family is diligently praying for you, your families, and our country.

Carrie De Francisco