pizzaLast week a friend of mine posted a picture of a delicious batch of treats she called Quarantine Brownies. Using whatever she had in her pantry, she created a batch of yummy brownies.  I was so inspired that when our neighbor gave us bags and bags of frozen homemade pizza dough, the Italian in me set out to put our own little twist on my friend’s idea.

I made a big pot of red gravy ( that’s marinara or red sauce for you non- southerners) and grilled up some Italian sausage ( yes, my hubby makes his own when he has time). As a family, we proceeded to knead and flatten our pizza doughs and add whatever toppings we could find to each pizza. They were delicious!  In case you are wondering, my pizza had red onions, canned artichoke hearts, Dole pineapple chunks, fresh basil from our yard, a few capers, left-over eggplant and some bell peppers.

Untitled DesignThanks to my friend Marsha, my family now has a new family tradition that revolves around cooking, eating and breaking bread together!  They don’t call homemade meals or mama’s recipes comfort food for nothing. The smell of certain foods or the way food is prepared in a certain way can bring us a sense of peace. The nostalgia and memories of eating together as a family can bring comfort to our souls, ease our stress, and fill our hearts.

Growing up, our supper time was very loud and today our dinner time with extended family can get a little crazy. But these uninterrupted family meals are essential! Our kids love and need these memories and traditions that are created around the dinner table.  During these “quarantine days”, it is a perfect time to catch up on those family dinners, to get reconnected while breaking bread together, and to create some new memories and traditions around the dinner table.

For more ideas and practical tips on how to create traditions around the dinner table and how to curb the chaos that comes with cooking ( and cleaning) while trying to homeschool, check out our New Podcast #2 Essential to Homeschooling.  ( You can also find us on spotify and itunes.)

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Bon appétit!

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