Sunshine AND Social Distancing

We have 30 more days of voluntary social distancing guidelines, yet God’s handiwork is in full bloom!
ecc 3-11Despite the current circumstances, this is the perfect time of the year to get outside, explore nature, go on hikes, and soak up some much need vitamin D (while social distancing of course)!  Take your lessons outside, read aloud outside, and play outside. This is also a great time to put aside your traditional science textbooks and make the great outdoors your science classroom.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPick something you or your child is interested in and spend some time this month learning about it. Are you fascinated by hummingbirds? Then make a few natural feeders and observe them eating. Learn about their behaviors and their different species.  Need some fresh food? Plant a garden, start a compost, and research safe ways to keep the pests out. When’s the last time you laid on your back watching the clouds or pressed flowers for fun? Become an expert on the animals that visit your yard and on the trees and flowers that grow in your neighborhood.

Soaking up sunshine and the beauty of God’s creation is essential! We need it, our kids definitely need it, and our souls crave it. Check out new podcast for ideas and inspiration.

** New Podcast is up! Essential #3 for Homeschooling:  Outdoor Time
In our new podcast we share practical tips on how to make outdoor time a priority and how to easily use the great outdoors as your classroom especially right now while everyone is learning and socializing virtually **  You can find us on Spotify and itunes too!

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