The ONE Room School House

Learning together is the best part of homeschooling!

Over the years, our family has used the one-room school-house approach as well as Morning Time, or Basket Time,  as an easy way to learn as a family.  It didn’t always look picture-perfect or sound peaceful and educational.  Sometimes it was chaotic, loud, and messy.

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But even on the bad days or in the hard seasons, it was more fun and meaningful to learn together as a family than to be in our separate rooms on different screens learning unrelated things.  Using the one-room school- house approach and morning time have been an essential timesaver and sanity saver! Since we learned most of our subjects together, I didn’t lose my mind trying to keep up with different lessons and different books for each child.  I may have lost my mind or lost my temper because of other things, but it wasn’t because I was trying to teach five different things to different kids at different times.

Through the years, we have used the one-room schoolhouse approach and morning time as a way to learn Bible,  history, science, art, and music together as a family.  Even though my kids were in different grade levels, we always learned the humanities and the sciences together.

Since our family covered so much together in the morning, there was plenty of time for the kids to do some math, reading, and grammar work at their own level and at their own pace.   We were always left with plenty of free time in the afternoon for playdates, field trips, games, gardening, creating, drawing, skateboarding, dancing, rehearsals, more reading, cooking, you get the picture!

teach learn proverbI think the best part of using the one room school house approach along with morning time baskets is watching the older kids teach and read to the younger ones.  My daughter would share what she was learning with my son, explain to him why the moon has phases, and would answer his questions sometimes before I even had a chance to respond.  In return, my son would often show off a project or something he finally figured out in math to my daughter first before showing it me.

Your kids are teaching each other and learning from each other.  Your children are living out the Latin proverb, “By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn.”  As they teach each other, they learn twice.

Using the one room school house approach will not only save you time and your sanity, but it will allow you to learn things you never learned in school, it will allow your kids to teach and learn from each other, and it will allow you to live and learn together as a family.

Learning together is definitely an essential to homeschooling!


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In Part 5 in this 10 Part Series, we share the 5th Essential:  Morning Time (or learning together as a family). Encouragement and practical tips are given on how to learn together as a family, how to organize your morning time, how to save time, and how to keep your sanity while on this homeschooling adventure. Some of the resources mentioned in the podcast are listed below.

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