A PURPLE Kind of a DAY


One of the many blessings of homeschooling is the gift of TIME!  While children in traditional schools spend eight or more hours a day doing school work, homeschooling students can knock out their schoolwork in half the time.

play work mr. rogersDo NOT feel guilty about all of the extra time you have!  Enjoy it!  Relish in it! Take advantage of it!  And do NOT feel guilty about letting your child play for hours or for drawing or building all afternoon.  It’s not only OK, but it necessary for his spiritual, mental, and academic growth.  Mr. Rogers once said, “Play is the work of childhood.”

I loved when my children were “bored.”  It meant one of two things: either my house was about to get cleaned or something totally awesome was going to be created.  If one kid was in bad mood and whining about being bored, I usually responded with, “Great, then you have some time to do the dishes, clean your room, wash the sink, scrub a few toilets, and pick up the dog poop.”  It never failed.  After doing some good, honest, and productive work, he always came back happier.  If one child was in a good mood but just couldn’t find something to do, I encouraged her read, to hang out in her room, or to play in the backyard.  Screen time wasn’t an option when they were bored.  Forcing them to embrace their “boredom” caused them to be creative.  God created us in His image, therefore he created us to create.  Playtime and free time are essential parts of childhood and of homeschooling.  But be careful!  You never know where their creative juices will lead them!

fran katie purpleOne day when my daughter was six, she had a friend over for a play date.  My son, who was a toddler, never slept and was in constant motion.  On this particular day, I was exhausted and my son had actually fallen asleep, so I asked my daughter and her friend to do something outside on our closed-in patio.  The peace and quiet were beautiful.  I enjoyed it so much I didn’t bother to check on the girls.  I figured they were having fun and knowing those two, they were creating something super awesome!  Little did I know, they were literally becoming the canvas of their latest art project.

After my son woke up, we went outside to join the girls.  What I saw caused me to simultaneously laugh and uncontrollably cry!  Both girls were covered from head to toe in purple paint!  I wanted to scream as a realized how hard it would be to clean them (and to explain this latest art project to my friend), but I just couldn’t stop laughing.  It was a hot mess and one important lesson all rolled up all into one.  My daughter and her friend reminded me that I needed to enjoy even the messy, purple kind of days.  Sometimes we just need to laugh at the arts and craft project that turned into one big giant purple (and one big beautiful) mess!

Enjoy the freetime. Enjoy the messes!  Enjoy the mud pies and bedroom forts!  Enjoy the piles of Lego pieces and glitter attached to every surface of your house.  Here’s to your freetime, your playtime, your coffee breaks, and all of your purple kind of days!  They are an essential part of your homeschooling.


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Join Carrie in Part 6 as she shares the 6th Essential:  Play Time (or Free Time).  Free time and playtime are not wasted time!  They are an essential part of your child’s spiritual, educational, and emotional growth.  Carrie shares reasons for allowing unstructured free time during your “school day” and practical tips on how to organize your home and school day in a way that encourages your children to invent, explore, and create.  Some of the resources mentioned in the podcast are listed below.