NOW, WHAT?   How to Finish the Year Strong!


May 1st @ 6:00 PM  (Pacific Time)

Host:  Carrie De Francisco

The Seminar is FREE but registration is required to attend.  Space is limited.

maydayMay Day! May Day! Assistance requested! Send backup, please!

It is almost May which means this crazy school year is coming to end. Now, what do we do?  Take a little coffee break and join me for our “Now, What?  How to Finish This School Year Strong” ZOOM Seminar.  


Why join us?  We will

  • give you ideas on how to remove the stress and chaos that usually fills this time of the year.
  • help you end the year strong and with confidence.
  • share suggestions on how to make the most of the time left in the school year.
  • discuss what to do about your seniors and their transcripts.
  • end with Q & A time for topics not covered.
  • encourage you to keep your eyes on the prize and to press towards the finish line!

If you would like to join us, please fill in the REGISTRATION FORM.  After your registration is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with the ZOOM link and password.   

See you on May Day!

God bless,