How do you end the year strong?  With a party, of course!  But first, let’s back up a bit.  We need to first finish the school year before we can start our celebrations.

It is finally May, which means the school year is almost over and summer vacation is within reach.  The end of the school year is usually a stressful time but because of COVID-19 Crisis Schooling and stay-at-home mandates, the end of this school year is a bit more chaotic than usual.


Hopefully, you were able to join us for our LIVE Seminar on “How to End the Year Strong.”  In it, we discussed the three most important questions we need to ask ourselves as we frantically try to finish all of our curriculum and squeeze in as much school work as we possibly can before the school year ends.  This time of the year doesn’t have to be so stressful, and it certainly doesn’t need to be filled with guilt over the things we didn’t complete or accomplish.  By asking and answering three simple questions, we can end the year with confidence:

  1. “What absolutely needs to be finished before the school year ends?”
  2. “What can we take a break from and pick up again next year?”
  3. “What can we drop and not finish or complete at all?”

If you were not able to join our LIVE Seminar where we discussed these questions and answers, you can still listen in.  This week, we uploaded the recording of the LIVE seminar, which includes encouragement, tips, and ideas on different ways you can answer these three questions and what you can do during the rest of May in response to your answers.

celebrate YES!In the podcast, we were not able to include the last part of our LIVE Seminar, so we wanted to share it with you here:  END OF THE YEAR CELEBRATION & SUMMER VACATION!

Once you have answered the three questions, successfully completed your school year, and packed away all of your school books, it is time to celebrate!  And this year, we need to celebrate even more!

FIRST, make it official!  Set a date to end your school year and stick to it.  It will give your kids (and you) something to look forward to.

SECOND, do something special on your last day of school!  Plan a party, have a family Promotion Ceremony, or make a special dinner.  Even if you can’t invite friends, spend time as a family celebrating.  You deserve it and your kids need it!

give thanks psTHIRD, at your celebration make sure to acknowledge God’s faithfulness throughout the year.  Take turns sharing how and when God showed up!  Then make sure you take time to acknowledge each child’s accomplishments during the year.  Be specific.  They worked hard this year (and it was an exceptionally hard school year thanks for COVID-19 and social distancing).


FOURTH, while you are acknowledging God’s faithfulness and your child’s accomplishments, make sure your children acknowledge those who helped them during the year.  Take time to write homemade “Thank You” notes to teachers, coaches, leaders, and mentors.

NEXT, create a “Summer Bucket List.”  Do NOT write a summer “To Do List” of things you want the kids to do or learn over the summer or a list of things you think you need to do while on summer break.  Summer is always just as busy as the school year.  You will inevitably not finish everything on your list.  Then when September rolls around, you will start the school year feeling like a failure instead of feeling refreshed.  Instead, make a “Summer Bucket List” of the things your family would like to do.  Not only will these activities be rewards for all of their hard work during the year, but it will give them things to look forward to during the summer.  Be creative with your list but don’t feel pressured to do it all.  It’s just a wish list instead of a “to do” list.

welcome summerFINALLY, take a break!  After your “end of the year” celebration, take at least two weeks off.  Even if you do year-round schooling or you enroll your students in summer school, make sure you give your family a real break!  Sleep in.  Veg out.  Go to the beach.  Take a road trip.  Read all day.  Take naps.  It is a well-deserved break.  Take it!

May the Lord richly bless the rest of your school year and may He shine His face on your summer break,




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