NEW PODCAST! Homeschooling Through High School

CED69723-B520-4A99-AED1-7FCAD0D1B7AESo you are thinking of homeschooling high school!  Even if your child is many years away from those high school years, you should take a little coffee break today and listen in too.  When my children were young, I knew I loved homeschooling but I was terrified of homeschooling the high school years!  Now that I’ve graduated one student, I’m about to graduate another one, and I have helped hundreds of moms (and teens) plan their high school years, I can honestly say, I should not have feared this part of homeschooling.  Homeschooling high school has actually been some of the best ( and easiest) years of our homeschooling journey.  Now matter how old or young your student is, join me for our latest podcast on how to homeschool high school.

In our podcast, “So You Are Homeschooling High School,” we mention a few resources, articles, websites, and books. We have included them here to make it easy for you to find them.

HSLDA imageLegally Home School in your State  (HSLDA Website)  Start here!  The Home School Legal Defense Association lists state requirements for homeschooling and graduation state by state.


skip college bookSkip College:  Launch Your Career Without Debt, Distractions, or Debt by Connor Boyack. Not all students need or want to go to college. I highly recommend you and your teen read this book as you both decide what your teen can or should do post graduation.


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“Skip College” Article (Jan 7th, 2020 Coffee With Carrie Blog).  Not sure if your student should or needs to attend college, then read our article posted earlier this year.


coffee carrie logo“Are You Home-Educating a Teenager or a Young Man of God?”  Article (Oct 1st, 2018 Coffee With Carrie Blog).  Is your goal for homeschooling high school to help your teen get into Harvard or into Heaven?  If your ultimate goal of homeschooling high school is to make God and His Word the center of everything you do, then check out our article on making your teen’s high school experiences God-honoring, Christ-centered, and Spirit-led.

chemistry cooking book
I’m Just Here for More Food:  Food X Mixing + Heat = Baking
by Alton Brown (2004).  Meet high school Chemistry requirements by studying the Culinary Arts.


guide to writing novelA Guide To Writing Your Novel (Institute for Excellence in Writing 2010).  If your teen is gifted in writing or loves to write, then consider spending a year writing a novel (or at least several short stories) as her English credit.



carol joy seid
Literature Based Approach to History
(Carol Joy Seid).  For high school history credit, your teen can either read his way through history or watch his way through history!  Carol Joy Seid has teaching history through moviesseveral great resources and books lists for using literature as your history curriculum.  If your teen is more of a movie guy, then use movies and documentaries as a way to learn about US and World History.


cap and gownNo matter what you use to meet your state’s graduation requirements, here is a guideline of what your teen can do to complete a high school credit.


  1. Complete a high school-level textbook in an academic course = 1 High School Credit 
  2. Record hours student spends completing the course work for non textbook curriculum. Approximately 120-180 hours of work = 1 High School Credit 
  3. Complete a homeschool high school class in your area = 1 High School Credit
  4. Spend approximately 50 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 36 weeks in one academic or extracurricular area = 1 High School Credit
  5. One-semester college course = 1 High School Credit

***A one credit course typically requires one school year to complete.

***A one-half credit academic course (such as American Government or perhaps Constitutional Law) typically requires one semester or one-half year to complete.


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