NEW PODCAST! When God’s Plans Don’t Match Ours

We are super excited about his week’s podcast!  Since we had to cancel our annual Special Weekend for Homeschooling Moms in March due to COVID-19, we were not able to share our session on “The Jonah Journey:  What To Do When God’s Plans Don’t Match Ours.”  So we decided to turn it into a podcast so we could share it with you now.


In this podcast, “When God’s Plans Don’t Match Ours,” we dive deep into the Book of Jonah and share lessons from the prophet on how to be joyful (and obedient) when God’s homeschooling “itinerary” doesn’t match ours!   Like Jonah, you might be traveling this homeschooling journey kicking and screaming or you might even be running in the opposite direction filled with fear, doubts and down-right apprehension? If God has  called you to homeschool or if He has called you to homeschool another year,  don’t run away!  Accept the call!

Join us for a little coffee break as we share  biblical principles from the Book of Jonah that can be applied to your live, your ministry of motherhood, and your calling to homeschool.  “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence, there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Ps 16:11).


**** Check out our November 2nd, 2019 blog entitled “Are You a Runner”for more insights and encouragement from the Book of Jonah.

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