NEW PODCAST: The Enemy’s Playbook

Nehemiah-2-18-bible-verseAre you feeling discouraged, disappointed, or defeated?  If so, then take a little coffee break and dig into the Book of Nehemiah with me.

Even though this podcast focuses on moms in general and homeschooling moms in particular, its message is timely. The enemy is using his best tactics to create chaos in our families, to divide our nation, and to spread fear throughout the world.

The enemy has been using the same playbook since the dawn of time, and we get to see them all played out in the Book of Nehemiah.  Satan’s Play Book consists of the 7 D’S:  Disapproval, Discouragement, Distractions, Distress (& fear), Division, Deception, & Doubt.   Through Nehemiah’s example, we can learn how to respond to these tactics, how to choose faith over fear, and how to have victory over defeat. But have heart, friend.

At our first annual Special Weekend for Homeschooling Moms, our first session was entitled “Victory over Defeat.”  We spent the morning digging deep into the Book of Nehemiah.  We discussed the different tactics that the enemy uses to stump us and cause us to stumble.  Satan used every trick in his little playbook to try to get Nehemiah to give up, to intimidate the Jews, and to bring the wall down.  Many of the principles in the Book of Nehemiah can be applied to our mission of motherhood and our ministry of homeschooling, so we decided to record the teaching and share it with you now.

Join me for a little coffee break and check out our new podcast, “The Enemy’s Playbook:  Lessons from Nehemiah.”



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