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To continue our summer series, this week’s episode is on how to make History Come Alive!  And in God’s perfect timing, we are talking about the study of history the week of political chaos, national monuments being torn down, and a few days before July 4th.  I had no idea how timely this podcast would be when I recorded it a month ago and scheduled it for this week, but GOD DID!  Mamas, I had so much to say about not only how to teach History in a fun and engaging way and on why it is so important to teach history that we had to break up this podcast into two parts.

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Because history textbooks and college courses are teaching history that has been revised, white-washed, amended, and sometimes even skewed towards different political ideologies, it makes it even more important to teach real history from real sources and from real living books.  You can’t go wrong when you are reading primary documents, diaries and journals, biographies and autobiographies, and historical stories told from or about the people who experienced the events themselves.    Look!  I did it again!  I got on my little soap box again.  I promise!  This podcast is not political, but I do share how important it is  to teach history now more than ever in an engaging, mindful, and truthful manner.

I think my history homeschooling story is a familiar one.  When I was in school, I hated history.  Every year it was my least favorite class.  However, now that I am teaching it to my kids, I am learning or relearning history for the first time and I LOVE it!  I know many homeschooling moms feel this way too.  Now that they are teaching and learning history in ways different from the “traditional dry textbooks,” history has come alive not just for their children but for them as well.  That is what this 2-Part Podcast is about- helping YOU and your family develop a love for all things history- REAL History and HIStory!

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 1 of HISTORY ALIVE:

In Part 1, you will learn how to:

  • organize your school year around one historical topic or era
  • learn history as a family (even if you have a wide range of ages and levels)
  • cycle through historical eras and/or topics so there are not “gaps” or “holes” in your child’s history IQ
  • give yourself grace when your history projects are epic fails (and how to laugh at yourself too)

history quoteIn Part 2, we dig into the nitty gritty.  We share SIX super simple ways to make History Come Alive.  You will learn how to:

  • read your way through history (and watch your way through history too!)
  • create and use inexpensive and meaningful timelines to make connections
  • compose personalized history “textbooks” or history notebooks
  • incorporate simple map activities
  • play tons of great games with historical themes
  • experience history through fieldtrips without breaking your budget.


As promised, links to the resources mentioned in both podcasts are listed below.  May God richly bless your historical studies for His honor and glory. After all, history is HIStory and we need to teach it truthfully more now than ever before!

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School House Rock History Songs:  They can all be found for free on YouTube.  They are still one of the best ways to sing your way through history.

History & Timeline Jingles: Classical Conversations now has all of their history and timeline jingles on iTunes for download.  If your child loves to memorize facts and dates and loves to sing, this is a great resource.

My Father’s World Curriculum: If you would like a Christian curriculum with lessons and suggested activities to help you cycle through history in 3 or 4 years, then MFW is great.

The Mystery of History: If you would like a Christian curriculum with lessons and suggested activities to help you cycle through history in 3 or 4 years, then this is a great resource too.

Story of the World (Vol 1, 2, 3, & 4): SOW literally tells the story of the world in written or audible form along with maps and suggested activities.

Read Your Way Through History (literally):  All you need is a library card and list of historical fictions, biographies, and primary resources you want to read.  Read Aloud Revival (RAR)and Carol Joy Seid have great lists to start with.

History Notebook How To & Samplesand History Timeline How To & Samples:  Check out our IG stories for videos @coffeewithcarrieconsultant.

History Games:  Check out Games Curriculum by Martin and Carolyn Forte as well as the website Homeschool Gameschool.

Gameology Article:  Check out our blog article on Feb. 1st, 2020.  It lists tons of games with links for all subjects including history.


CLICK HERE to listen to Part 1 of HISTORY ALIVE

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