NEW PODCAST: Simple Family Devotions

This week’s episode is a double whammy! It’s a two for one podcast:  biblical teaching on how to be a Gideon in today’s crazy world and a crash course on how to do simple family devotions. In this podcast, I share how to do super easy family devotions and share lessons learned from Gideon.

breath Judges 6:12Take a little coffee break with me as I explain how to use just your Bible and three simple questions to help kids of all ages dig deep into God’s Word.  The 3 Question Method is shared below but in the podcast, I flesh out how to do it by actually digging into Judges 6-7 and sharing possible answers and discussions you might have with your children.  As I explain step by step how to use the 3 Question Method, I also teach and share insights from the life of Gideon that can be applied to our lives today.   It’s a timely message.  At the time of Gideon, “everyone did what was right in his own eyes,” and “the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the LORD.”  As moms who are raising up the next generation, there are so many promises, commands, warnings, and lessons we can learn from Gideon that can be applied to our world and to our homeschooling today.  You don’t want to miss this coffee break!

dk bible3 QUESTION METHOD (Listen to the podcast for tons of examples!)

  1.  As a family, read any passage from any Bible.  In the podcast, I mentioned our family used DK’s Family Illustrated Bible.  We have also used The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos,  The Story:  The Bible as One Continuing of God and His People by Max Lucado, and my old tattered NIV Bible.  Actually, ANY Bible will do!  God’s Word never comes back void.
  2. Ask the FIRST QUESTION:  What is the passage about?  Who is in the story, where does it take place, when does it take place, what’s happening, and why?  It’s not a quiz.  You are just reading the passage and trying to pick out the straight forward facts (The 5 W’s).  If your kids are used to narration, they can narrate or summarize the passage for you.
  3. Ask the SECOND QUESTION:  What can we learn from the passage?  What can you learn from this story?  Are there any promises, commands, or warnings?  Are there any examples to follow (or not to follow)?  What do you think is the main truth or lesson of the passage?  No need to answer all of these questions. These are just a few things to consider as you and your children discuss what lessons  can be learned from the passage.
  4. Ask the THIRD QUESTION:  How can we apply this passage today?  This is where you bring it home.  What can you, your child, or your family do TODAY in response to the lessons learned?  What can you do differently today?  What specific action can you take today based on lessons learned in the story?
  5. End in prayer by specifically praying for each child (and for yourself).  Relate it to the passage.  If possible, pray scripture from the passage and insert your children’s names.


It really is that simple!  If you want to see and hear how it might look and sound like, then tune into this week’s podcast.  You will also get an earful as I preach on the how to be a Gideon and the importance of raising up mighty warriors for this generation!


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