Coming from New Orleans, I am definitely an oyster kind-of-a-girl!  I eat them raw, fried, grilled, and stuffed.

As a southern girl, I was also taught the importance of wearing pearls for just the right occasion.

Big hair, little black dress, and strand of pearls —->  Yes, I could be describing my 80’s look or just a summer in the humid south!

But my dad always reminded me that I can’t have my pearls without the grit.  (And my mama would always change it up: I can’t have my diamonds without the pressure!)

No grit No pearl

Did you know that the little oyster was just annoyed?

Yep, a little piece of dirt somehow got into his little home and in a constant attempt to remove it and to eliminate the irritation the sand caused, the oyster secreted a fluid to coat it.  Little by little, the more the sand irritated the oyster, the more it coated it.  Before you know it, a beautiful, shiny pearl was formed.

Now, I’m not calling your kiddos little irritants.  However, their little habits might be grating on your ever last nerve.  Learn from the oyster.  Coat them with love.  They will turn into priceless little pearls one day.

That goes for us too, mamas!  Our lives can’t turn into beautiful pearls without the grit (and the little daily irritations).  So pour yourself another cup of coffee (probably an iced one…it’s hot out there) and ask God to help you appreciate the little irritations and to help you turn them into something beautiful for His honor and glory.

It is our prayer that our little coffee dates will help you homeschool one step at time, one day at a time, and one cup of coffee at a time.

God bless,

Carrie De Francisco