It’s GOOD Homeschooling Day


Is there really such a thing as a “typical” homeschool day?

Well, that’s a loaded question!  You are going to hate my answer but every family’s “typical” day will look and sound different.  However if you feel like your family’s typical day is always a disaster or unproductive, then let’s talk.

How about we change the question to “What makes a homeschool day a good day?”  Join my for a little coffee break and let’s talk homeschooling.  In this week’s podcast, I share simple things you can do each day to nourish your child’s soul, feed his mind, and spark his curiosity.  No extra or expensive curriculum needed!

Will we have great days everyday? No way!  Will we have some pretty bad days? Most definitely!  Is it possible to have a good day most of the time?  It is possible!

What constitutes a good day?  You might just be surprised ( and relieved)!  Join me for Part 3 of the “Start Your School Year Strong” Series.  In this week’s podcast, we talk about the difference between a “typical” homeschool day and a “good” homeschool day. I also share how to change a really bad day into a “good enough” day!

A good day circle

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CLICK HERE for the helpful handout I mention in the podcast.  Print it.  Laminate it or put into a sheet protector.  Then hang it where you can see it or place it into your homeschooler planner.  If your day includes opportunities for these nine things, then you can rest assured you definitely had a good day!

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