NEW PODCAST:  Ditch the Distance Learning in 2021! 

Happy New Year!  Is your new year’s resolution to ditch all of the distance learning in 2021 (or at least eliminate most of it)?  If so, then grab a cup of coffee and join me for this week’s coffee break!  If you are tired of Zoom classrooms and being tethered to a computer screen and someone else’s schedule all day long, then join me for this week’s episode. 

Distance learning is not for everyone.  It can be the right fit for some but not for most. A virtual environment for most kids can be too distracting.  It lacks the one-on-one personal interaction and hands-on learning most children and teens need.  If you feel distance learning is the only way your students can safely fellowship and build friendships in 2021, then definitely grab a cup of coffee and join me for this week’s coffee break. 

In this week’s episode, I discuss the pros and cons of online learning and give simple tips on how you can minimize or eliminate distance learning altogether in 2021.  

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