New Beginnings & Do-Overs

Do you need a “do-over” this week or a fresh start this year? 

If so, then join me this week for a little coffee break and for some encouragement from God’s Word.  This week’s CWC podcast is a bit longer than usual because there is so much to explore!  In this week’s episode, I dig deep into the Book of Ruth and share five powerful lessons on new beginnings, fresh starts, and “do-overs.” 

Instead of focusing on Ruth, I focus on Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law. I share the many lessons we can from her and how we can apply them to our new year, to our parenting, and to our homeschooling.   Pour yourself an extra large cup of coffee, open up your Bibles, and join me for this extended coffee break and time in God’s Word.  

NEW PODCAST!  New Beginnings & Do-Overs:  Lessons Learned From Naomi.