Do you have a love/hate relationship with science?

Well, it is February which means homeschooling moms begin to scramble and stress out! Why? Because we realize we are more than half way through the school year and we still have so much left to do and cover. In February, we start cutting out extra classes and extra activities so we can focus on the “basics.”

Do you know what subject and fun activities usually get tossed out to make more time for “catch up” work? That’s right! SCIENCE! And if we don’t eliminate our science studies completely, we usually put the experiments and lessons in the “we will get to that when we have time” pile. Let’s be honest. This time of the year, we never get to that pile!!!

It was during February that I was very intentional about NOT removing the fun subjects, experiments, and projects. The kids and I needed them! February is the best time of the year to add some really fun lessons and experiments. Take advantage of Valentine’s Day being just around the corner and hearts popping up everywhere. Some of our family’s favorite science unit studies were done in February. For the whole month, we connected our bible studies on LOVE and our Valentine crafts with our science studies. In February, we learned about the circulatory system, the heart, the major components and function of blood, and how to keep our hearts healthy. Besides, February is also American Heart Month!

Because we are usually behind in February, I made sure we did some science each week. We didn’t do science everyday, but I did make sure we read and did some fun science activities at least one or twice a week. And learning about the heart so close to Valentine’s Day was always super fun too!

Each week in February, we focused on the following:

  • 1st Week: Overview of the Circulatory System, its parts and its function.
  • 2nd Week: The Heart and how it works
  • 3rd Week: Components of blood and the function of each part
  • 4th Week: Exercising and keeping the heart healthy

In this week’s podcast, “I HEART đŸ’• SCIENCE,” I go into detail about what you can do each week during the month of February to ignite your love for science again. I share:

  • books you can read during morning basket time and during science time.
  • simple experiments you can do each week using common kitchen supplies.
  • dissections you can do for older or more adventurous students
  • videos and songs you can learn to help memorize the different parts of the heart
  • and plenty of projects you can do (including a few edible ones) to learn about the circulatory system.

I am positive this week’s podcast will inspire you to add some science fun to your Valentine and February studies! It might just get you to LOVE science (and messy experiments) again!



Usborne’s First Encyclopedia of the Human Body (for younger students)

DK Human Body Visual Encyclopedia (for older students)

The Complex Circulatory System: God’s Wondrous Machine (for high school students)

School House Rock Video: Do the Circulation

Circulation Song (to the tune of “Row Row Row Your Boat”)

Easy Make and Learn Projects: Human Body by Silver (Check out circulatory system chapter!)

Drop of Blood by Paul Showers

Hear Your Heart by Paul showers:

Sheep Heart Dissection Kit by Home Science Tools

Blood Type Kit and Experiment by Home Science Tools

Directions for making three 3D clay models and working heart models

Circulation Dice Game by Carrie De Francisco (and family)