NEW PODCAST! Homeschool Athletes

Homeschool Athletes: Playing (and Winning) the NCAA Game

If you homeschool and you have a serious and competitive athlete, then you don’t want to miss this week’s Coffee With Carrie Podcast.  After announcing that my son committed to play baseball at the collegiate level, I received tons of emails and messages from relieved moms, dads, and high school homeschoolers!  Sadly, many talented homeschool athletes give up homeschooling during the high school years thinking public or private school is the only door to collegiate sports and scholarships.  This simply isn’t true!  Homeschool athletes are scouted and recruited at the college level every year, even during this crazy Covid year!  

In this week’s episode

  • explain NCAA & NAIA Eligibility Guidelines,
  • how to get ahead of the paper work game,
  • the different ways to play competitive sports as a homeschooler during the high school years,
  • and so much more. 

So if you have a child or a teen who excels in a particular sport and you think he or she may want to pursue this in high school, in college and maybe even as a future career, then don’t put them in traditional high school just yet! 

Homeschool Athletes can pursue their sports dreams and goals!  Get your pen and paper ready, pour yourself a cup of coffee and hang out with me for this sports-related coffee break! 

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NCAA Official Website: information on requirements

NCAA Eligibility Center: register here and more information

NCAA Homeschool Packet: download and create an account

NAIA Official Website: information on requirements

NAIA Homeschool Waiver Process: steps and information

Field Level: The Athlete Recruiting Network

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