Living in Hope: Lessons Learned From Hannah

We had such a great time at our annual Special Weekend for Homeschooling Moms last weekend! It was so much fun seeing familiar faces, reconnecting with old friends, and meeting a few new ones. Since our main goal of the event each year is to give moms a much-needed break filled with fellowship with like-minded homeschooling moms, our event was in person! The sessions are great but the best advice and encouragement happen during breaks between the moms at each table. We didn’t feel streaming it live would have the same impact. However, many of you asked if I could share the sessions on upcoming podcasts for your friends who were not able to attend.

So this week, our podcast is a recording of our first session on Saturday morning, “Living in Hope: Lessons Learned From Hannah”. We dug deep into 1 Samual Chapters 1 and 2 as we learned how to apply the principles of Hannah’s hope and faith to our lives, parenting, and homeschooling.

In this week’s podcast, we learn how to:

  1. Have Hope in the midst of taunts (1 Samual Ch 1: 1-8)
  2. Have Hope in God’s promises ( 1 Samuel Ch 1: 9-28)
  3. Have Hope in God’s Word & His Character: (1 Samuel 2: 1-10)
  4. Hope while living in a lost world (1 Sam 2:11-26)

In Hannah’s story, we learn these vital truths:

  • God will not be mocked!
  • In God’s timing, He will bless the faithful and he will judge the wicked.
  • The Lord hears our cries and answers them.
  • Finally, Even Surrounded by ungodly behavior and in a godless world, our children, like Samuel, can still grew in stature, serve the Lord, and find favor in his sight.

I hope you enjoy this week’s study in God’s Word and this week’s podcast! If it blesses you, please share it with a friend who is living in a “hopeless” situation.