The Art of Strewing

My new favorite word is Strewing.

I had no idea I was a master at Strewing until just recently.  

In the homeschooling community, there arises every few years a new catch-phrase or a new trend.  It looks like the new buzz word right now is Strewing.  And I love it!  I love the sound of it, I love saying it, and I love the fact it isn’t one more thing I need to add to my homeschooling repertoire.  That’s right, I don’t have to add it because I have been strewing all of these years and never even knew it.  And you, too, are probably a master of strewing and didn’t even realize it.

So what is Strewing?

The dictionary defines strewing as “to spread or to scatter.” So picture your home environment as a place for much strewing! Like I said, some of us already do this without even realizing it.  I have stuff (not necessarily school stuff) strewed about everywhere! My husband calls it a mess but now I just call it strewing!

Strewing is the process of laying out or scattering interesting items around your home for your kids to discover. These items can be anything that brings delight and a sense of wonder to your child. We know that children have a natural curiosity that helps them discover and navigate their world.  As homeschooling moms, we want to foster this curiosity.  Strewing can help our kids discover new interests or dive deeper into topics they already find fascinating. It is all about intentionally creating a learning-rich environment.  Strewing is an amazing way to inspire your child’s natural curiosity.  We can strew items as invitations to explore and to pique our children’s natural curiosity. And don’t worry, strewing can be done in very simple ways and it doesn’t have to be expensive either!

Adopt the art of strewing to ignite your children’s passions and to whet their appetites. Strewing is also a way to search for the spark in your child! God knitted each of our children together. He knows exactly what your child will love and will be passionate about. He knows what his gifts and strengths will be and how your child can use those passions and gifts for the Kingdom of God. Strewing is a way to spark their curiosity,  ignite their passions and whet their appetites for goodness, beauty, and truth.

Have I piqued your curiosity? Is my “strewing” working? Then join me for this week’s Coffee With Carrie Podcast, “The Art of Strewing”


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