So whose idea was it to homeschool in the first place?

Was it yours but your husband wasn’t on board? When I approached my husband with this idea, Mike thought I had finally flew over the cuckoo’s nest! Now, he is one of the best homeschool advocates I know.  If you get him talking about the advantages of homeschooling or why it is so awesome, he will talk to you for days!

If this doesn’t describe your spouse, don’t worry!

It took a lot of veteran homeschooling moms and a ton of “been there, done that” dads to patiently answer my hubby’s questions. Then it took a few years for him to see the fruits of homeschooling in our kiddos to become a believer. If you feel God is calling you to homeschool (or to continue to homeschool) but your spouse isn’t on the same page, then this week’s CWC Podcast is for you!

NEW PODCAST!  “Doubting Dads:  Honey, I Want to Homeschool the Kids!” 

Over the years, dads have asked Mike and I the same three questions about homeschooling: 
1) How much will this cost me?
2) Will my kid turn out weird?
3) Can my child get into college or provide for his future family?

Join me as I answer these three “dad questions” and then answer a question dads should be asking:  

How can I help? What can I do?


I kept this week’s episode short and sweet. I get to the point so you can share it with your hubby..  I know how busy a dad can be so this podcast is less than 15 minutes long.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up, turn up the volume so your hubby can hear it in the next room or while in the car with you, and take a little coffee break with me.