Day of Dedication

NEW PODCAST!  “Day of Dedication:  What Is It and Why Should You Do It”.

Welcome to Season Three of CWC! Let’s kick off this new season and our new school year with a Day of Dedication! 

Before you buy one box of curriculum, before you sign up for any classes, and before you crack open one book, we should spend time on our knees dedicating our hearts, our homes, and our homeschooling to the Lord. 

What is a Day of Dedication?

It is a day to spend on your knees seeking God’s face, His guidance and His plans for your school year.  If you are want to learn more or plan a Day of Dedication, then listen to this week’s CWC Podcast. In this week’s episode, I share one of my favorite homeschooling traditions:  A Day of Dedication. 

I explain how to:

  • use this day to plan your year,
  • select a yearly Bible verse for your family
  • set goals for your children
  • pray over your curriculum
  • seek God’s plan for your homeschooling year, and
  • dedicate your school year to Lord. 

Before you finalize your plans and crack open those books, join me for this special little coffee.


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