but god…

NEW PODCAST! “But God….” Calling all moms! This week’s coffee date is 100% pure encouragement from God’s Word!

  • Got challenges?
  • Homeschooling off to a rough start?
  • Is life getting messier each day?
  • Are the excuses and feelings of guilt piling up?
  • Feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, or under-qualified?

If so, then it sounds like you need God to but into your life! Give yourself a break. Extend grace to yourself. Put the pity party favors away and then join me for a much-needed coffee break and time in God’s Word. (I think this week’s episode is more for me than you but I hope you can join me!)

In this week’s Coffee With Carrie episode, I share how to have a positive “But God…” attitude this school year. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up, open your Bible, get a bunch of post its and a big red sharpie pen. You will need all of it for this week’s little coffee break.



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