Make Math Meaningful (& FUN)

Math phobic? Math stressed? Behind in Math? Need a new approach to Math this year?

The easiest way to make math more meaningful and fun is to do the following:

  1. Change your math mindset and attitude
  2. Change your math expectations
  3. Readjust your math schedule
  4. Change the way you teach math
  5. Incorporate more real life lessons, hands on manipulative, and math picture books and
  6. Use games as much as possible.

In this week’s Coffee With Carrie Homeschool Podcast Episode #90: “Make Math Meaningful (& FUN),” I go into detail and give ideas on how to change your mindset, schedule, and methods and how to incorporate more games, picture books, and real-life lessons.


Listed below are resources mentioned in the episode and some of my other favorite math resources.

Bed Time Math App and Website

Life of Fred Math Curriculum

Tangram Puzzle and Books

Pattern Blocks and Books

Geoboards and Resource Books

Cusienaire Rods and Books & Fractions

Base Ten Blocks and Books

Brick Math (using Legos to teach math)

Sir Cumference Series by Cindy Neushwander 

Pigs Will Be Pigs by Amy Axelrod

Charles Bridge Math Adventure Series

Count Your Way Around the World Series by Jim Haskins

Math Games and Activities from Around the World by Claudia Zaslavsk

Math Art Projects and Activities by Carolyn Ford Brunetto

Sequence Addition Game

Tensies Dice Game

Zeus on the Loose Game

Totally Tut Multiplication (and order of operations) Game

24 Card Game

Sushi Go Game

Swamp Sum Game

Dino Tracks Place Value Game

Pizza Fraction Game

Absolute Zero Card Game

Monopoly (any version)

Coffee With Carrie IGTV Math Game Series

Coffee With Carrie Episode #19 “Math Story Time” and BLOG with Literature Book lists