Join Me for a Coffee Date!

Happy March!  

I can’t believe it is March already! This year feels like it is moving like molasses and at warp speed all at the same time! We’ve been scaling this February Wall, and after this Covid-Crazy year, I know we all need a weekend of encouragement, fellowship, worship and laughter.

Join me for an extended Coffee Break.

Our 4th annual Special Weekend for Homeschooling Moms is March 12th and 13th! Unfortunately, last year’s event was scheduled for the weekend the nation shut down. God-willing, this year’s event will happen. After a year of survival schooling and distance learning, we need a sabbath break like this!

This year’s theme is “Just Breathe:  Rest, Refresh, & Refocus.”

ONLINE REGISTRATION CONTINUES THIS WEEK! It is only $35! We only have a few spots left!

CLICK HERE to register.

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CLICK HERE for details about the weekend, our guest speakers, and the sessions. We will start off Friday evening with everyone’s favorite Q & A Session, “Homeschool High School.” Saturday will be full of encouragement from God’s Word and guest speakers. We will also be sharing ideas on ways to regain your sanity, reclaim your schedules, and re-ignite your love for homeschooling! Oh yeah, there will be LOTS of coffee too!

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**Refunds will be given if the event is cancelled due to state or national shut downs.**. If you live outside of SOCAL and have enough friends to fill up a room, let me know.  We would love to host our special weekend outside of CA too! 

Please share with your friends and homeschooling co-ops.  

PRINT FLYER and share with your homeschooling friends! For a glimpse into what our sessions look and sound like, check out Coffee with Carrie Podcasts.The following podcasts were talks we were suppose to share at last year’s special event before it was cancelled:

I hope and pray I get to see each of you again at this year’s Special Weekend for Homeschooling Moms! Save the date and REGISTER TODAY!


2 chronicales 20Let’s address the elephant in the room!  Everyone’s way of life has been abruptly turned upside down and our homeschooling “norm” has just turned, well,  unnormal!  Where we live, we have been asked to stay home as many establishments, places, and venues have been shut down.  Our homeschool classes and park days have been canceled.  While everything is going virtual,  our ability to interact and connect with others has drastically been reduced or completely eliminated.  For many of us, our main life-line to the outside world right now is through the internet.

Since we had to cancel our  Special Weekend for Homeschooling Moms, which was supposed to be this coming weekend, we thought it would be a great time to share online one of our sessions:  The 10 Essentials to Homeschooling!  You might be surprised at what the Ten Essentials are.

We cover the 1st Essential in our 1st podcast.  Coffee with Carrie is now LIVE!  Yep, the girl who hates attention but loves to talk about all things homeschooling, now has a podcast.  Brew a pot of coffee, relax, and join me for our first episode.

coffee carrie pod cast imageIf you are up to listening, you can access the podcast in a variety of ways.

PODCAST:  Buzzsprout and Spotify.  We should be on itunes and iheart radio soon.

WEBSITE:  Link is on the homepage

INSTAGRAM:  Link is in bio


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I know these times are troubling but I also know our God is in control! In these uncharted times, we can pray “I do not know what to do but I will keep my eyes on you [God}” 2 Chronicles 20:12 Our hope is always in Jesus!

Please know our family is diligently praying for you, your families, and our country.

Carrie De Francisco



Due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus, we have decided to postpone our Special Weekend for Homeschooling Moms this March (2020).PostponedGod-willing, we will reschedule for this summer! We are working on dates now with the venue.  Updates and announcements can be found here at our website,, or at our IG account @coffeewithcarrieconsultant.  Check back often!

We will be praying for you, your family, and your homeschooling journey! See you in the summer!


Registration Begins TODAY!

map suitcase 2Our 3rd annual special weekend for homeschooling moms will be on Friday evening, March 27th and Saturday, March 28th!  This year’s theme is Homeschooling Adventures:  A Weekend to Rest, Refresh and Rejuvenate. “Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths”  (Ps 25:4).  Come journey with us as we explore how to follow God’s path for educating our own at home and how to turn our homeschool calling into an adventure! Pack your bags, take a little stay-cation, and spend the weekend with other homeschooling moms.

Registration begins TODAY, January 1st!  Click here to REGISTER

Follow our website and IG for event updates, important announcements, and daily homeschooling encouragement.

ced69723-b520-4a99-aed1-7fcad0d1b7ae.jpgFRIDAY, MARCH 27th:  6:30-9:30 PM  Homeschooling High School 

Our first session will share helpful hints and legal advice on how to successfully send your high school students out into the world!  Yes, homeschooling through high school is not only possible, but it is a gift and a blessing from God.   First, Carrie De Francisco will explain what is needed to meet the CA graduation requirements and then our panel of homeschool graduates will share their individual paths to meeting these requirements.  We will end with a Q & A session. Our panel of homeschool high school graduates will share their high school journey, what they did (traditional and non-traditional) to meet the CA requirements, what they are doing now in the workforce and/or on the college campuses, and how homeschooling through high school helped each of them achieve their goals.    Homeschool graduates and Carrie and Mike De Francisco will share how to get into college, meet some of those UC requirements and how to create a homeschool high school experience that builds on your high schooler’s God-given strengths and talents. Husbands & High School students are welcome to attend our 1st session on Friday night and to ask tons of questions!

SATURDAY, MARCH 28TH:  Worship, Speakers, and Fellowship

8:30   Doors open and Fellowship Time

9:00   Worship


41e9b4c0-fd14-438c-b860-63b8814823b9.jpgThe Jonah Journey:  When God’s Plans Don’t Match Ours  (Book of Jonah Study)

Like Jonah, are you traveling this homeschooling journey kicking and screaming or are you running in the opposite direction filled with fear, doubts and down-right apprehension?  Has God called you to homeschool or has He called you to homeschool another year?  Don’t run away!  Accept the call!  In our first session, we will delve deep into the Book of Jonah and learn lessons from the prophet on how to be joyful (and obedient) when God’s homeschooling “itinerary” doesn’t match ours!  If God has called you to homeschool, He will set the course and not only will His plans will be perfect but they will bring joy and blessings. “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence, there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Ps 16:11).  We will also learn from Jonah how anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and disobedience (even delayed obedience) can turn an adventure and a holy calling into a long, exhausting and even torturous trip.   Carrie De Francisco will share biblical principles from the Book of Jonah that can be applied to your ministry of motherhood and calling to homeschool.

Passport to Learning:  Using Travel, Field Trips and Literature to Learn History, Science, Art, and So Much More

3863F637-2FFF-42E9-A6D7-7CAD94FE613CUse the world as your classroom (literally)!  Is your pocketbook to small to use your passport?  Then travel around the world in 80 Books, one page at a time!  Whether you have a severe case of wanderlust, or you love to travel the world without leaving the comfort of your cozy pj’s, you will love this eclectic, how-to session! Carrie and Francesca De Francisco will share their love of traveling, literature, and games as a way to learn history, geography, and economics, appreciate different cultures, art, and music, and enhance science, environmental and global studies.   Francesca will share how traveling with family around the United States and around the world in high school and college not only enhanced her academic studies but ignited a passion in her for God’s people and His creation.  She will share how she used family vacations, world travels, and mission trips as a way to meet academic requirements, learn self-reliance and how to navigate in the real world (literally and figuratively).  Carrie will share one of her favorite books, Give Your Child the World by Jamie Martin and then will share how you can travel around the world (and back in time) in 180 books and how to use local field trips and family favorite games to explore countries, cultures and God’s creation.  You don’t want to miss this one!

12:00  Lunch Break & Fellowship 

1:00   Worship 


One Mom’s Journey:  A Testimony

andy desireeFellow homeschooling mom, Desiree Lang, will share her powerful testimony of how God’s plans were radically different from hers.  However, He led her one step at a time along the path He chose for her and her unborn child.  Desiree’s “Andy Story” is a powerful story of how choosing life and trusting God can bring honor and glory to God while sharing the love of Jesus and His miraculous power with those who don’t believe.  When others told her to give up and move on, Desiree chose to believe in God and his promises.  Seventeen years later, her miracle is not only surviving but thriving and is a walking testament to the power of choosing life and choosing God’s plans for our lives.  Bring your doubts.  Bring your kleenex.  Bring your friends.  If you hear one talk this weekend, make time for this one.  You will leave inspired and ready to walk any path God is calling you to.

10 Essentials for ANY Homeschool Journey:  What to “pack” while on this Adventure

10-Essentials-PostWhen planning a trip, packing wisely is essential!  Any traveler will tell you how important it is to never leave home without the “ten essentials”.  What are the “ten essentials” you should “pack” on this homeschooling journey so that at the end of it, your children are filled with a love for God, cherished memories, and life-giving relationships?  Our desire is that through our homeschooling and parenting our children will have the confidence and curiosity to leave home but will have the desire and devotion to come back.  We want them to love the Lord, love each other and love learning.   If you are embarking on this adventure we call homeschooling, if your homeschooling travels are taking a different course, or if you are extending your homeschooling journey for another season, you should have these Ten Essentials for the “trip”! “You, Lord, are all I have, and you give me all I need; my future is in your hands.” (Ps 16:5 GNT).   In our final session, Carrie De Francisco will share the ten essential things every homeschooling mom should do or possess in order to make their homeschooling journey God-honoring, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, and even fun, memorable and enjoyable! Tons of “how – to’s” and tried and true ideas will be shared so that at the end of the homeschool journey, your Master will say “Well done good and faithful servant.”

3:30  Closing and Fellowship

Check out our Upcoming Events Tab for details of each session and links to register.  See you in March!


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IMG_1325Early Bird Registration begins Jan. 1st for our 3rd annual Special Weekend for Homeschooling Moms!

map suitcase 2This year’s theme is Homeschooling Adventures:  A Weekend to Rest, Refresh and Rejuvenate. “Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths”  (Ps 25:4).  Come journey with us as we explore how to follow God’s path for educating our own at home and how to turn our homeschool calling into an adventure! Pack your bags, take a little stay-cation, and spend the weekend with other homeschooling moms.

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