Are you overwhelmed, discouraged, or confused?  Sit down, relax and have a cup a coffee with Carrie.  If you live in Southern CA, Carrie is available to have a one-on-one coffee date with you.  She will help you start your homeschool journey, help you jump-start your homeschooling adventure, or help you trouble-shoot your homeschooling experience.  She will give you concrete and practical ideas to help you implement a homeschool approach that fits your family’s lifestyle, educational goals, and personality.   

Often times, veteran homeschool moms burn out because they are trying to homeschool in a way that is counterintuitive to their natural bent or to their family’s personality and lifestyle.  On the flip side,  new homeschool moms tend to stress out because they are trying to “do school at home” even those methods didn’t work for their child in the traditional school setting.  It can be frustrating.

If you are leaving the traditional school system or charter school, you may be concerned or a bit confused about what steps to take next.  Carrie can also walk you step by step in the process of filing your own affidavit.  Then as your children grow and your needs change, Carrie can assist you in creating report cards, a course of studies, official transcripts, and even high school diplomas.  If you don’t have the financial means to join a private school satellite program, Carrie can help you set up your own home as your legal covering and school.

Coffee with Carrie Consulting can help you figure out the best approach to take on this homeschooling journey.

  1. In-depth Homeschool Style Assessment & Evaluation Results
  2. Personalized, tailor-made Resource Portfolio and Homeschool Plan
  3. Two Hour in person Coffee Date with Carrie (meeting)
  4. Assistance with organizing and planning the school year
  5. Help to develop a homeschool mission statement
  6. Time for additional questions and answers
  7. A detailed follow-up email with more resources based on issues discussed in the meeting
  8. An hour follow up meeting (if needed) later in the year


  • Coffee With Carrie Consulting begins with an in-depth Homeschool Style Assessment Survey.  You take it online in the convenience of your own home. Brew yourself some coffee (or steep yourself a cup of tea), put your feet up, relax, and honestly answer the survey questions.  It will take you about 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • Based on your submitted answers, Carrie will evaluate your responses and determine the homeschool style that best fits your educational goals, family dynamics, and personality type.  You may be very surprised that your results do not match the way you are homeschooling now (hence the tension and irritation) or the way your family and friends expect you to homeschool (hence the stress and confusion).
  • Using the results, Carrie will help develop a personalized, tailor-made homeschool plan and resource portfolio for you and your family. The Portfolio will include (but isn’t limited to) hundreds of resources about homeschooling in general (if you are new to homeschooling), resources for high school (if your child is moving into the high school years), resources for your child’s specific interests or needs (if applicable),  and most importantly resources in specific academic and extracurricular areas that fit your homeschooling style.
  • Carrie will then meet with you in person to help you plan and organize (or re-organize) your school year, assist in developing a homeschool mission statement and tailor your homeschool methodologies to fit your mission statement and educational philosophy.  During the coffee date, Carrie will also discuss the dreaded “Socialization” question and debunk any homeschool myths you may have heard.  In the two-hour meeting, there will also be plenty of time for extra questions and answers too.
  • If it is a homeschooling high school consultation, more info will be given about high school, diplomas, graduation requirements, college aspirations, transcripts, dual enrollment, grades, and other information specially related to your student’s post-graduate goals.
  • Following the meeting, Carrie will send a very detailed follow-up email with more links for specific resources that were brought up during the meeting but were not necessarily included in the resource summary, portfolio, and plan.
  • Carrie will also meet with you later in the year (if needed) to evaluate your school year, to check in with the changes made and to pray with you.

Carrie’s consulting fee is FREE!  Just buy me a cup of coffee and share with others.

Coffee cup and book on the table in the morning

To schedule an appointment, contact Carrie at  She will give you access to the online Homeschool Style Assessment.  Once the survey is submitted, Carrie will contact you for PayPal payment and to set up an in-person meeting.